The durable light with up to four times longer lifetime

XENARC ULTRA LIFE xenon lamps were developed with durability in mind. These long-life headlight lamps make life just that little bit more hassle-free, thanks to a lifetime up to four times longer compared to standard xenon lamps. Besides, these reliable lights impress with a service life up to 300,000 km (with an average annual mileage of 14,259 km and 60% light on)! For XENARC ULTRA LIFE lamps, OSRAM provides a unique 10 year guarantee for end consumers with online registration ( Thus, you not only save money on costly replacements, but also save yourself future stress and downtime. Please note: XENARC lamp change is recommended to be carried out by a professional


See road signs, obstacles, and hazards sooner with up to 60% more light compared to standard halogen lamps. In addition, SILVERSTAR 2.0 automotive lamps have a convincing, superb price-to-performance ratio and a modern design with an attractive silver cap. The perfect choice for drivers who place a high value on performance, efficiency, and design.


NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED headlight lamps ensure improved visibility and up to 110% more light on the street compared to standard halogen lamps, which can result in significantly better response times. Available in most lamp types, they are the ideal choice for all drivers wanting to show their fists to the darkness.


Try the brightest halogen headlamps by OSRAM, featuring up to 130% more light, whiter light and a longer beam compared to standard halogen lamps. With their innovative laser ablation technology, an improved filament, and pure xenon gas filling, NIGHT BREAKER LASER lamps shine more light on the street. An improved visibility can help drivers indentify and react to traffic hazards more quickly.

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